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Audra Carter, founder and co-manager of AC Advertising & Media Group LLC, (formally AC Advertising), saw a need in the community for better communication to and from its consumers, especially “minority consumers”. Audra Carter started AC Advertising in 2004, to be a communication tool or vehicle to and from her community and other target audiences. She believes a media coalition of magazine, TV, newspaper and radio channels is essential for a far-reaching and effective marketing, advertising or communication strategy. Highly effective promotional campaigns also included, and still include, multifaceted and diverse event styles, digital and broadcast advertising, e-blast and social media development.

Through leadership of co-managing partner Don Polk, the firm expanded its reach to develop marketing and media strategies and campaigns for US and global markets. With more than 30 years of business experience under his belt, Don Polk has serviced and partnered with cutting edge businesses in entertainment, fashion, marketing and commodity industries. Polk, along with partners and various companies, designed and manufactured apparel and/or created marketing campaigns for “Fortune 500/1000” corporations like Walt Disney, AEG, Ford, Chevron, Coca-Cola, 3M, General Motors, Dillard’s Department Stores, Wal-Mart, JC Penney, Bloomingdale’s and The National Football League–just to name a few.

AC Advertising & Media Group is more than just an ad agency and media network. The agency, under the direction of its co-managing partners Audra Carter and Don Polk, strives to build consumer, government and corporate awareness to and from the communities it serves - worldwide.

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AC Advertising & Media Group introduces a more comprehensive service package with rich and dynamic marketing strategies that cover multiple media distribution channels. Our ideation prowess and out-of-the-box strategies make them highly competitive. We construct engaging social media profiles, develop and maintain various communication and analytic platforms; produce promotional products, develop trending, thought provoking and effective content. Our company improves the overall market goals and objectives with proof positive accountability and bottom-line results for our clients. AC Advertising & Media Group has massive consumer influence, by utilizing certain capabilities and assets, to include the ability to get celebrity endorsements and/or involvement.